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CryptoMagica is collectible card game
based on blockchain technology

Art style

Lamp atmosphere and juicy magic lights

Game features

Collectible game on the blockchain, with characters having unique genes. These characters can be propagated between themselves, creating new, more unique characters. Further, with these characters, the player can take an active part in the life of the game universe, for example, participate in battles, tournaments or explore new territories.


Unique animation system which support cards crossbreeding with different magic and armors


Participate in battles, get experience and resources to infuse your card and make it more powerful


Make potions and magic scrolls to infuse your cards


Different magic classes and cool special effects


  • Animations - in progress
  • White Paper - in progress
  • Crossbreeding
  • Marketplace
  • Battles simple version
  • Crafting
  • Battles complete version
  • Mobile app

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Our Team

We are an experienced team of blockchain developers. Our team has helped in the development of the Monsterbit game and now we make our own project. We plan to apply many ideas that were not included in the previous project.

Artur Teregulov

Founder, CEO, Developer

Ilya Vinnikov


Vitaliy Lebedev


Ivan Gladyshev

Game Designer